A/C Nerds can replace your old or poorly installed systems with new and professionally installed systems which will guarantee more money in your pocket while keeping your household at the perfect degree. In other words, we can install the most current system in use for maximum efficiency.

Did you know 80% of HVAC service calls regard an electrical issue? Today’s cooling & heating systems require professional knowledge in HVAC related electronics. The understanding of wiring diagrams, and process of operation is a must. Don’t trust your most expensive piece of equipment to some haphazard mechanic. Leave it to the A/C Nerds.

Are you buying or selling a home? Maybe you just want a third party to see how efficient your system is operating. Give A/C Nerds a call at (512) 293-7820, we would love to be of service.

Have a custom job in mind? Need a system designed especially for your unique floor plan? Or maybe you just need some assistance in the process. A/C Nerds will give you the means to succeed. With our expert design team we can get your system designed and setup the most efficient and effective way possible. The A/C Nerds way!

Are your air ducts old, moldy, inefficient, improperly sized, poorly ran or leaky? All of these hazards take a toll on your family’s health and your bank account. The fact is most HVAC companies hire unqualified individuals to do their ducting which will cause your family’s health to diminish. Let the A/C Nerds help you put your cooling cost to work, wasted money back in your pocket and more importantly, your family’s health back in your hands.